/nɒt / (say not)

1. an interlacement of a cord, rope, or the like, drawn tight into a lump or knob, as for fastening two cords, etc., together or to something else.
2. a piece of ribbon or similar material tied or folded upon itself and used or worn as an ornament.
3. Obsolete Colloquial a swag (def. 1).
4. a cluster of persons or things.
5. Zoology a hard lump in an animal body as a swelling or the like in a muscle, gland, etc.
6. Botany a protuberance in the tissue of a plant; an excrescence on a stem, branch, or root; a node or joint in a stem, especially when of swollen form.
7. the hard, cross-grained mass of wood at the place where a branch joins the trunk of a tree.
8. a part of this mass showing in a piece of timber, etc.
9. any of various diseases of trees characterised by the formation of an excrescence, knob, or gnarl.
10. Nautical
a. originally one of a series of equal divisions on a log line, marked off by strings knotted through the strands and made of such a length that the number running out in a certain time indicated the ship's speed in nautical miles per hour.
b. a unit of speed, used in marine and aerial navigation, and in meteorology, of one international nautical mile per hour or 0.514 444 44 m/s (approx. 1.85 km/h).
11. something involved or intricate; a difficulty; a knotty problem.
12. a bond or tie.
verb (knotted, knotting)
verb (t)
13. to tie in a knot or knots; form a knot or knots in.
14. to secure by a knot.
15. to form protuberances, bosses, or knobs in; make knotty.
verb (i)
16. to become tied or tangled in a knot or knots.
17. to form knots or joints.
18. at a rate of knots, very fast.
19. push the knot, Obsolete Colloquial to carry a swag (def. 1).
20. tie the knot, Colloquial to marry: the couple tied the knot in a very simple ceremony.
{Middle English knot(te), Old English cnotta}
knotless, adjective
/nɒt / (say not)

either of two grey shorebirds of the genus Calidris, which migrate to Australia, among other countries, from breeding grounds in the Arctic Circle.
{? imitative of its call}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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